More About Ben


Ben was born in southern California and moved to the Central Coast at age 12. He and his family fell in love with the area on a camping trip to Montana De Oro in Los Osos, and his father was fortunate enough to get a transfer through Caltrans to the SLO office. The whole Kosharek family now lives in the North County. Ben loves the “go get it” entrepreneurial spirit of the North County.

His favorite street is Paso Robles street as you exit the 101. It’s the best sample of this area you can get and it showcases all the area has to offer. As you roll down that road, you see Mechanics, Wine makers, Cycle shops, Premiere Ag, a Church, and more. All these people make up what makes this area special. They are hard working, highly committed people who love their town and use what they’re good at to make it special. That’s what made Ben fall in love with this area.

Over the last 20 years, Ben has spent most of his time helping build the local church from Minnesota to California. In recent years, Ben and his wife Natasha bought a little house in San Miguel for their family of 4 and started to notice not just how much that little city is growing, but also how much Paso Robles is growing. If you drive through either town, you’ll notice that there are a ton of houses being built. Paso Robles and San Miguel are set to add thousands of houses in just the next year. These are all people who need to experience the love of Jesus.  

Maverick Church hopes to be part of that beautiful mosaic as we continue to share the love of God with those whom He draws in through His Spirit. When the wave hits, Ben wants to be part of a Church that is ready to respond the way folks in the North County do, and that is at the heart of Maverick Church.